About Us

Who we are

GreenPowerInstallations is part of GreenPowerSimplified(Pty)Ltd. which is an

owner run business and a partnership of minds, knowledge and experience.

The directors of GPS have been in the industry, on a multitude of levels, for

over 30 years and have strategic joint ventures with various companies Nation wide,

allowing us to ramp-up for larger projects inclusive of 180 professional staff.


Our Mission

In helping to build a sustainable future, we aim to facilitate and drive mass market

adoption of renewable energy, thereby solving economic and environmental issues

caused by fossil fuel based power.


What we do

At Green Power Installations we make it easy and simple for you to change from being

dependant on a fossil fuelled power supplier, to supplying your own independent,

renewable, Green Power. By auditing the electricity needs in your business, workplace

or establishment we are able to design and install a solar energy system that suits your

needs and your budget.